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Design and simulation of model-free lag-lead controller for DC motor speed control

David Monjengue


This paper presented a new Model-free Controller for speed control of Direct-Current (DC) motors. The design objectives were to combine the benefits of proportional-integralderivative (PID) controllers (simplicity in the structure and the usage) and performances of the advanced controllers such as linear-quadratic regulator (LQR), Fuzzy Logic Controllers (FLC), with the advantage of not depending on the model. The Model free Lag-Lead controller (MFLL) is compared against the Fuzzy, LQR, PI controllers for speed regulation of DC Motor and showed the ability to produce better performances. The MFLL is also easy to design and to tune without any special rule, and can be implemented by non-professional.

Key words: Direct current (DC) motor, Fuzzy Logic controller (FLC), Linear-quadratic regulator (LQR), Model-free controller, Proportional Integral Derivative controller (PID).

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