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Enterprising Tendencies and Economic Well-being among Retirees: Experience from Dodoma City of Tanzania

V. Makuya


This paper assesses the dimensions of enterprising tendencies and retirees’ income earned from income-generating activities. The study  used a cross-sectional research design. Accordingly, quantitative and qualitative methods were used for data collection. Questionnaires  and an interview guide were administered to 80 retirees obtained by using snowball sampling in Dodoma, Tanzania. Descriptive and  regression analyses were conducted to generate meaningful information. The results of the study show that an individual retiree's  economic well-being is improved by locus of control, need for accomplishment, risk-taking, and innovation in enterprising tendencies.  The findings revealed further that retirees in Dodoma City have a low enterprising tendency (a score less than 3). On the other hand,  retirees perceived difficulties as negatively influencing their economic well-being. Thus, inculcating an entrepreneurial culture is  considered essential not only before but also after retirement. Retirees are advised to have confidence in their capabilities as far as  enterprising tendencies are concerned.  

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print ISSN: 0856-664X