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Comparative Effects of Urea Intercalated with Poultry Manure on Soil Properties, Growth Parameters, Nitrogen Contents and Grain Yield of Rice

M.O. Azeez
J.O. Ogunseijua
O. Oyetunji
O.O. Adesanwoa


The study investigated the efficiency of intercalating Urea fertilizer with organic materials on Nitrogen (N) release, growth parameters,  grain yield and N contents in soil and plant tissue under field condition at two locations. Urea fertilizer was intercalated with raw and  composted poultry manure through a chemical method. Urea intercalated with raw poultry manure (UIP) and Urea intercalated with  Poultry manure compost (UIC) were applied at three rates (40, 60 and 80 Kg N ha-1) together with urea fertilizer at 60 kg N ha-1 and  control. Three seeds of rice (FARO 64) per hole were sown at a spacing of 25 cm by 25 cm and the experiment was arranged in  Randomized Complete Block Design with four replicates per treatment. Soil samples were collected at both sites before sowing and after  harvesting for analyses. The greenness index, plant height, stem girth and tiller numbers of the rice plants were monitored and  determined. Grain yields of the rice plants were also determined. Results showed positive effects of urea intercalated fertilizers on all parameters though not significantly different in both locations. Tissue N contents in Urea fertilizer alone, UIP and UIC at 60 Kg N ha-1  were 1.23, 1.12 and 1.19 % respectively. Intercalation of urea with poultry manure and compost had positive effects on grain yield.  Greenness index in intercalated fertilizers were higher than Urea alone treated plots at eight weeks after planting. The UIP at 80 kg N  ha-1 had the highest liming potential. This study showed the potential of Urea intercalated fertilizer as a slow-release N-fertilizer, liming  ability, and environmentally friendly management strategy for sustainable crop production. 

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print ISSN: 0856-664X