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The effect of maize cob meal (MCM) on performance and economy of feed conversion of growing rabbits

O.O. Enaku
F.G. Kaankuka
D.T. Shaahu


A feeding trial was conducted with thirty (30) weaner rabbits to investigate the nutritive potentials of maize cob meal (MCM). Thirty mixed breed rabbits were used and randomly assigned to treatment T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5 in which MCM replaced maize at 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20% weight for weight respectively at the rate of six (6) rabbits per dietary treatment. Results of preliminary experiments showed that MCM contained ME of 2104kcal, CP of 3.0%, cellulose of 34%, NDF of 70.63%, C of  44%. The rabbits were fed and given drinking water ad-libitum for the twelve-week experimental duration during which their performance, carcass quality and economic analysis were evaluated. Experimental diets depressed all the growth parameters measured except feed conversions ratio when MCM exceeded 10%. Average daily feed intake was in the range of 34.84-50.01g while average final weight range was 1215.83-1625g. The diet also affected the economy of feed conversion such that feeding of dietary treatments resulted in a positive net revenue of N 398.31 to N 682.31 per rabbit. It can be concluded that maize cob meal can replace maize in growing rabbit diet up to 10% without adverse effect on the performance parameters.

Key words: Economy of feed conversion; Maize Cob Meal; Performance and Rabbit

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eISSN: 1119-4308