Published: 2017-12-08

The impact of extraction methods on chemical composition and phytochemical constituents of common browse plants and selected tree species

A.O. Oni, A.O. Yusuf, O.O. Oni, O.O. Adelusi, A.O. Areegbe, O.S. Sowande, C.F.I. Onwuka

85 - 100

Growth performance, haematological characteristic and serum biochemistry of Japanese quails fed with diets containing African pear seed meal

K.K. Agbalaya, M.A. Onigemo, L.A. Tijani, Y.A.A. Oso, O.J. Ishola, A.R. Asafa, F.P. Agbaye, A.O.J. Anjola, J.A. Oviawe, O.O.M. Awe

157 - 165

Interactive compensatory response of growing pigs to feed withdrawal periods and ascorbic acid supplementation

C.P. Njoku, T.A. Okunniyi, I.D. Omidiran, O.A. Adeyemi, O.M. Sogunle, O.O. Oluwatosin

173 - 181

Studies on the efficacy of Spigelia anthelmia extract as anthelminthic in growing goats

L.A. Tijani, M.A. Onigemo, O.J. Ishola, O.E. Jacobs, A.R. Asafa, K.K. Agbalaya

215 - 222

Growth performance, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen retention in female rabbits fed Sorghum almum: Lablab purpureus forage mixtures

M.R. Hassan, S.B. Abdu, I.J. Adoyi, H.Y. Yusuf, S.S. Bello, J.T. Amodu, A. Musa, B. Yahaya, A.G. Bala, Y.M. Ishiaku, S. Ibrahim, T.T. Akpensuen, B.M. Munza

223 - 231

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eISSN: 1119-4308