Replacement value of cocoa husk meal as a substitute for maize in rabbits' ration

  • BB Babatunde
  • O Olubamiwa
  • OE Omitoyin
Keywords: Replacement value, cocoa husk meal, maize, rabbits


Twenty crossbred weaner (Newzealand x Chinchilla) of six weeks of age were used to determine the effects of replacing maize with graded levels (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%) of cocoa husk meal (CHM) on the performance of rabbits in a completely randomized design for an eight week period. Feed intake increased correspondingly (P<0.05) with dietary levels of CHM. Control and 25% CHM - based diets significantly (P<0.05) had lower feed intake, live weight gain of rabbits on diets were similar (P>0.05) but higher (P<0.05) and better than the control diet. Crude fibre, crude fat and dry matter digestibilities of CHM - based diets did not differ significantly (P>0.05). There was a linear increase in apparent nitrogen utilization which was directly proportional to incremental CHM levels. However, 100% CHM level depressed nitrogen retention. Apparent nitrogen utilization of 25 and 50% CHM - based diets were similar (P>0.05). While rabbits on control die t had lower (P<0.05) nutrient retention. CHM can effectively replace 25 and 50% maize in rabbit’s ration without any detrimental effects on the animal, while 75 and 100% CHM reduced feed conversion ratio of rabbits. 

  Keywords: Replacement value, cocoa husk meal, maize, rabbits

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eISSN: 1119-4308