A Survey Of Normal Haematological Variables Among Adults In Nigeria As Seen In Anambra State

  • SO Umeh
  • BN Emelugo
Keywords: Haematological variables, Adult Nigerians, Anambra State


Objectives: To check the haematological normal values of adults in Nigeria, to see if there are differences and/or similarities in sex. Design: Venous blood samples were collected from healthy adult males and females at different towns in Anambra State. Main outcome measures: Haematological values of the following blood parameters were determined; Haemoglobin (Hb), Haematocrit(PCV), Erythrocyte (RBC) count, Leucocyte (WBC) count, Platelet count and the differential cells count (consisting of the Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophiles, Lymphocytes and Monocyte counts. Results: Out of the two hundred (200) blood samples collected, (100 from each sex), the following ranges were obtained; Males: Hb 13.0 -16.5g/dl, Pcv 0.400 -0.600l/l, RBC 3.9 -6.0 x1012/l [WBC 3.8 -10.9, Neutrophiles 2.8 -6.4, Eosinophiles 0.038 -0.4, Basophiles0 - ≤0.1, Lymphocytes 1.3 -4.5, Monocytes 0.16 -0.7 and Platelets 140 -420] x109/l. Females: Hb 12.0 -15.0g/dl, Pcv 0.330 -0.400l/l, RBC 3.0 -4.9 x1012/l [WBC 3.0 -10.8, Neutrophils 3.3 -6.8, Eosinophils 0.03 -0.3, Basophiles 0 -≤0.1, Lymphocytes 1.3 -3.8, Moonocytes 0.16 -0.6 and Platelets 140 -400] x109/l Conclusion: Normal haematological values help to some extent to determine the health condition, feeding habit and strength of individuals. Variations among sex can also indicate the weak or stronger sex. Men are considered to be stronger than women and this research tends to look into this fact and check if there is any contribution of haematological variables to it. Any haematological value that falls within the normal range serves as an indication of good health condition of the individual and vice versa.

Keywords: Haematological variables, Adult Nigerians, Anambra State

Tropical Journal of Medical Research Vol. 12 (1) 2008: pp. 29-31

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eISSN: 1119-0388