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Evaluation of the anti-fertility effect of Garcinia Kola Seeds on male – Guineapigs

KC Chilaka
IN Nweke
LA Iroegbulam


In Nigeria, West Africa, Garcinia Kola seed is widely use for social, therapeutic and nutritional purposes. In recent times, there have been
reports about its negative effects on male fertility. In view of this, a study was carried out to evaluate the effect of Garcinia Kola seed on male
fertility indices. 2Kg of the Garcinia Kola seed was first air dried, ground into fine powder using a grinder; then extracted with 2.5litres of ethanol using soxhlet extractor and evaporated to dryness using rotary evaporator. The LD50 investigations carried-out on adult albino-mice1 indicated that the extract is safe. 150mg/kg of Garcinia Kola seed extract reconstituted in 5ml of 3% Tween 85 was given to each experimental animal (male Guinea pigs) daily for a duration of (4weeks Group B) (Group C & Group D--16 weeks). Group A served as control. Group D at the end of 16weeks dosing of Garcinia Kola seed extract were allowed additional 4weeks as a recovery period. The animals were housed 5per cage and labeled according to
the duration of extract they received. At the end of the study duration the animals were sacrificed under ether anesthesia. The abdomen was cutopen
and blood withdrawn from the heart by cardiac puncture for serum testosterone level assay and hematological investigations. Also the
semen analysis was carried out for each set of animals using sodium bicarbonate formalin diluting fluid viewed under x 10 power Olympus
microscope. From the results of this study, Garcinia Kola seed produced decreased serum testosterone levels, decreased semen counts, decreased semen motility, all these effects were duration dependent and were reversible.