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Influence of pain intensity, pain duration and location of pain in the occurrence of leg length discrepancy among patients with chronic low back pain

AO Akinpelu
JO Umunnah


Objective: The association of Leg length discrepancy (LLD) in subjects with chronic low back pain (LBPS) has been a debatable issue. The occurrence of LLD in LBPS and comparing with non-low back pain subjects (NLBS) and the possible influence of the site at which pain was felt, duration of low back pain and intensity of pain on the occurrence of LLD in LBPS was studied.
Method: One hundred and ninety subjects recruited by consecutive purposive technique were assigned into two groups. An inelastic tape measure was used to assess the leg length measurements in 90 LBPS and 100 NLBS.
Results: The mean ages were 39.59±9.74 years and 36.24±9.89 years (LBPs and NLBs respectively). The mean real LLD was 0.50±0.50 cm and 0.18±0.40 cm for LBPS and NLBS; mean apparent LLD was 0.68±0.64 cm and 0.31±0.64 cm for LBPS and NLBS. Significant differences between LLD in LBPS and NLBS were found for real and apparent measurements (P=0.05 in each case).The mean duration of LBP and pain intensity in LBPS were 21.84±23.15 months and 5.6±1.77 respectively. No significant correlation was found between pain intensity and LLD in LBPS, but a significant correlation was found between real LLD and duration of LBP (r=0.369; P=0.008). There were significant differences in the real and apparent LLD at different pain sites in LBPS (P=0.043 and P=0.04 respectively). One-sided low back pain was found to be more associated with LLD.
Results: It was concluded that LLD occurs in LBPS and that the duration and site of pain influenced LLD in LBPs.

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eISSN: 1119-0388