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Morphologic changes in the anterior pituitary gland of male wistar rats following high comsumption of mixed palm oil diets

OA Egwu
CIP Anibeze
UU Ukoha


Background: Mixed Palm oil diets have been reported to alter the morphology of testes, which is related to the pituitary-testicular axis.
Aims: To determine the morphologic changes of the anterior pituitary gland following high consumption of mixed palm oil diets.
Methods: Twelve (12) albino wistar rats were divided into three groups of four rats each. The groups were designated as A,B and C. Animals in group B received 20% fresh palm oil diet (FPO); those in group C received 20% thermoxidized palm oil (TPO) while those in group A served as the control and received laboratory rat chow. The experiment lasted for twelve (12) weeks during which the animals were weighed at weekly intervals and at the end of the experiment, all the animals were sacrificed by cervical dislocation.
Results: Photomicrography of Anterior Pituitary Gland (APG) shows reduced nuclei size and slight congestion of cells in the FPO and TPO groups with that of the TPO being more pronounced. T-test revealed that the rats fed on FPO and TPO had a significant lower body weight than the control.
Conclusion: High consumption of mixed palm oil diets affects theĀ  morphological disposition of the APG and may be a factor in reduced growth
in male wistar rats.

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