Immune-boosting effect of natural remedies and supplements on progress of, and recovery from COVID-19 infection

  • Naglaa Gamil Shehab
  • Sareh Dortaj
  • Mariam Othman
  • Esraa Mostafa
  • Parisa Rezvani
  • Fatimah Alshawi
  • Lilyan Al Ahmad
Keywords: Immunity; COVID-19; Natural remedies; Supplements; Risk of hospitalization


Purpose: To investigate the effect of natural remedies and supplements on the progress of andrecovery from COVID-19 infection, and the role of safety precautions in controlling the spread of its causative pathogen.
Methods: A questionnaire was designed and electronically distributed among previously infected individuals across countries. The survey included questions about the participants’ demographic information, medical history, how they were infected, symptoms they have experienced, where they were isolated, the degree of precautions taken against the virus, and their consumption of natural remedies or supplements before and during the infection period.
Results: The results showed that natural remedies and supplements are widely consumed among COVID-19 patients both before and during infection, either as a single remedy or in combination with other remedies. As the age of the participants increased, the incidence of their hospitalization increased. Significant results were observed when comparing the severity of infection with the number of natural remedies and supplements taken before (P 0.000) and during the infection (P 0.003).
Conclusion: Increasing the intake of natural remedies and/or supplements before and during COVID-19 infection lowers the severity of the infection. Vitamin C, honey, and citrus fruits such as orange and lemon were the major remedies consumed before and during infection. A large number of the participants that experienced severe COVID-19 conditions, did not consume any natural remedies or supplements.


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eISSN: 1596-9827
print ISSN: 1596-5996