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Assessment of wind energy potential for eletricity generation in Setchet, Hanang, Tanzania

AS Kasasi, RM Kainkwa


Tanzania depends heavily on hydropower for her electricity demand and experiences power shortage during the dry seasons. Wind energy is proposed as an alternative source of electricity to the fossil fuel generators during the dry season, the latter are normally used to supplement the shortfall in hydro-electricity generation. Fossil fuel generators produce emissions that are toxic and as such degrade the environment. Wind speed data from a site called Setchet is used to illustrate that the available wind energy can be harvested to generate electricity that can supplement the shortfall of electricity. The windy season, which is from July to November, coincides with the dry season. The annual average wind speed is 8.3 m/s, a value that is sufficient to generate electricity. Wind energy that can be harvested from this annual average wind speed is 2.30X103 kwh per year. It is suggested that by generating electricity from wind, the already limited hydrological resources in the country could be used for irrigation schemes instead of channelling them for developing new hydropower plants.

Tanz. J. Sci. Vol. 28(2) 2002: 27-32
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