Occurrence of digenean larvae in freshwater snails in the Ruvu basin, Tanzania

  • G Nkwengulila
  • ESP Kigadye


A survey was carried out on digenean larvae infecting freshwater snails in five habitats in Dar es Salaam, Ruvu and Morogoro. 9424 snails belonging to 12 species from five families were examined for digenean infection from July 1996 – June 1997. 20 morphologically distinguishable cercariae were recovered. Multiple infections were not recorded. While the general prevalence of digeneans in snails was low (3.5%), variations occurred between seasons, among habitats and snail host species. Prevalence was high during the dry season but low in the rain season. Among habitats, highest prevalence was recorded at Kinondoni pond and lowest at Ruvu ponds, and was highest in Lymnaea natalensis followed by Bulinus tropicus but was lowest in Bulinus nasutus.

Tanzania Journal of Science Vol. 31 (2) 2005: pp. 23-30

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eISSN: 2507-7961
print ISSN: 0856-1761