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Evaluation of Enzymatic Activity during Growth of Pleurotus HK 37 on Saba comorensis Exocarp

Isse I. Molobele
Rose J. Masalu
Prosper R. Mosha
Cyprian B. Mpinda


Mushrooms degrade lignocellulosic biomass by releasing lignolytic and hydrolytic enzymes which convert lignocellulosic material into soluble and low molecular weight compounds which are then absorbed as nutrients. In the present study, enzymatic activities of Pleurotus HK 37 during growth on Saba comorensis exocarps were evaluated. It was observed that, Pleurotus HK 37 has ability to produce lignolytic enzyme (Laccase) and hydrolytic enzymes (Carboxymethyl cellulase, xylanase and filterpaperase). Maximum laccase activity of 3.33 ± 0 UmL-1 was observed during colonization period and the activity dropped during fruitification phase. Similar to hydrolytic enzymes, the activity was observed during colonization period and decreased during fruitification. However, higher filterpaperase activity of 0.93 ± 0.13 UmL–1 was observed compared to other hydrolytic enzymes (CMCase 0.78 ± 0.13 UmL–1, and Xylanase 0.56 ± 0.07 UmL–1). Pleurotus HK 37 showed ability to degrade Saba comorensis exocarps and to release enzymes which can be used in biotechnological industries.

Keywords:          Mushroom, Lignolytic, Hydrolytic, Enzyme, Saba comorensis

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eISSN: 2507-7961
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