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Angular Distribution of Bremsstrahlung Spectral Temperature Measured in a Full Dimension of ECR Ion Source Using NaI(TI) Detector

Mwingereza J. Kumwenda


Measurement of angular distribution (AD) of the bremsstrahlung spectral temperature from a full dimension of the Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source (ECRIS) along the beam axis is challenging. To overcome some challenges, this paper presents the AD of the bremsstrahlung spectral temperature measured in a full dimension of the ECRIS along the beam axis using data obtained from the Busan Center of Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI). The bremsstrahlung spectral temperature from 28-GHz ECR Ion source at the KBSI was measured in six, three, and nine azimuthal angles at the injection, centre, and extraction sides of the ECRIS using three round type thallium-activated sodium iodide (NaI(TI)) scintillation detectors. Monte Carlo simulation based on the Geant4 software package was performed to take the geometrical acceptance and energy-dependent detection efficiency into account due to large non-uniformity in the material budget. True bremsstrahlung energy spectra from the 28-GHz ECR ion source were obtained using the inverse-matrix deconvolution method. The unfolding method was based on a full geometry of the Geant4 model of the ECRIS plasma. The results show that in all three measurement locations, the highest value of the spectral temperature was at an angle of 30∘ coincident with one of the maximum angles of the ECRIS plasma shape.

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