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Preparation and nucleophilic substitution of the 2,4,6-triphenylpyridinium salts, diazonium intermediates and N,N-1,2-benzenedisulfonylimides of chiral amino acids

SA Said


Three methods for preparation of D-amino acids by nucleophilic substitution on derivatives of their L-antipodes have been attempted. Nucleophilic substitution on optically active phenylalanine ethyl ester triphenylpyridinium salt yielded partial inverted azide products. The N,N-disulfonylimide intermediate of the same ester was synthesized in high yield and optical purity, but the substitution reaction on this compound was not achieved. Diazotization of amino acid ammonium chlorides and tosylates in solution of sodium azide in aprotic solvents gave optically active chloro and tosyl compounds instead of the intended azide products. Alternative methods to circumvent the problem of the competing ammonium salt counterions during
diazotization reactions have been suggested.
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