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Wet Oxidation of Maleic Acid by a Pumice Supported Copper (II) Shiff Base Catalyst

JEG Mdoe, RAJ Minja, L Daniel


Pumice supported Cu (II) Schiff base catalysts were prepared by surface chemical modification followed by complexation with Cu (II) acetate. The resulting materials were characterised by Diffuse Reflectance Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (DRIFTS) to confirm the modification. The materials were tested in a wet oxidation of maleic acid using air or hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant. Results indicate that up to 80% degradation of maleic acid could  be achieved in the presence of the catalyst using hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant. The degradation was found to depend on the type of oxidant, temperature and whether the parent pumice was acid pre-treated or not prior to the preparation of the catalyst.

Keywords: Supported Cu (II) Schiff base, maleic acid degradation, pumice

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