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Indigenous Languages in Advertisement: Problems and Prospects

T Udemmadu


Indigenous language is one of the veritable implements for advertising businesses in Nigeria particularly in the South-East Geo-Political Zone· This research piece attempts to explore the relationship between language (particularly Igbo language) and promotion of enterprises information
dissemination in Nigeria· Some local jingles from Radio Nigeria Purity F.M. Awka, and some billboard advertisements displayed around Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Permanent site and Arroma round-about would be analysed so as to discover some linguistic features that help in promoting
businesses and information. The findings of this research were that illiteracy in the mother tongue is a major factor militating against achieving desired goals of advertising in indigenous language, that if indigenous languages are accorded their appropriate status the masses and  advertisers would benefit more.· It is hoped that the result of this  academic exercise would help our political leaders to re-order their  priorities in order to promote sustainable development in Nigeria through indigenous language·