Theatre and Cultural Education as Panacea for Nigeria’s Fractured Peace: Ofo na Ogu as Paradigm

  • Alex Chinwuba Asigbo
  • Kelechi Stellamaris Ogbonna


Ofo na Ogu are Igbo cultural concepts that symbolize righteousness and uprightness. They are used in Igbo Sociocultural and religious discourse to stake claims of innocence hence the aim of this work is to examine the appropriation of these cultural motifs in Igbo literary drama and theatre. How can a creative use of these motifs serve as a unifying force for a nation at the throes of disintegration? Can the invocation of these symbolic objects help in the attempt to ensure high moral standards, especially in public offices? These and some others will be the issues which this paper will be attempting to address.


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eISSN: 1595-1413