Role of Philosophy in Human Development in Nigeria

  • Jude Chinweuba Asike


It is indeed absurd to talk about development or impose on a human race a civilization without reference to Philosophy. Philosophy is a living subject which embraces all dialectical interpretations of life changes in society. It gives the hermeneutics understanding of reality by acting as a means to an end, through the interpretations of logical relations, ethical issues of categorical imperatives and methodological principles and concepts in our lives given situations. This paper therefore, intends to outline the issue of Philosophical importance to human development. The idea of development in the light of Philosophical postulations, ethical precision and statistics are required for human and scientific development. Philosophy in this perspective is the form and abstraction or the orientation man uses to interpret his world view. It has helped in the concept of human development, to a great deal of being in the epics of the humanitarian paradigm. Philosophy could be a genuine supporting tool for a harmonious existentialism in Nigeria, through proper restructuring of the polity, educational system, and judicial interpretations on the areas of retributive and distributive justice.

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