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Achieving Human Development in Nigeria through Philosophical Instruments

Charles C. Nweke, Chukwugozie D. Nwoye


The concept of human development conveys the thought of progressive unfolding of the entirety of the human person. It has as its end the attainment of the total well-being of an individual. However, often times, the end of human development appears truncated due to some existential circumstances surrounding the individual. Arguably, with the perceived Nigerian existential circumstances of maladministration that has led to extreme poverty, poor infrastructure, fallen standard of education, negative political proclivity in terms of ethnic chauvinism and religious bigotry, serve as albatross to authentic human development. The intent of this paper, therefore, is to argue the fact that through some core philosophical instruments, an individual in Nigeria can still attain total genuine well-being, human development.

Keywords: Development, Nigeria, Instrument, Philosophy

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