Terrorism as the Quest for Justice in Contemporary Nigeria

  • Peter Akpo Adams


In Nigeria today, the activities of terrorists are no longer new. This is what has characterized the Nigerian state. This hydra-headed monster with its attendant heinous crimes against humanity is the main focus of this paper. In this paper, the problem of terrorism has been discussed from a two dimensional continuum – of terrorist acts as the quest for justice in contemporary Nigeria, and on the other hand, the paper examines the phenomenon as an unjust, inhuman and wicked means implored by the jihadi movement to cause fear among Nigerians. The paper made use of content analysis for its research methodology. The paper leaned on the rational choice theory and the psychological approach. The paper concluded by maintaining the view that no matter the level of provocation or injustice in the social system, terrorist acts remain unfair and inhuman. The actions of terrorists therefore, can never be justified by any measure, human or otherwise.


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eISSN: 1595-1413