Nigerian Popular Music: Its Problems and Prospects in Development

  • II Forchu


There is hardly any aspect of life without the involvement of any of the diverse arrays of styles existing in Nigerian popular music scene. The appeal of this genre cuts across class, ethnicity, age, sex and faith, thus affecting millions of lives. Consequently, the contribution of Nigerian popular music cannot be quantified. This paper examines the trend in the evolution of popular music, the challenges faced by the music industry, the role and contributions of popular music in development, and finally makes recommendations for the optimal development of the industry. Among other findings, the study revealed that the most successful compositions are those whose lyrics capture the concerns and are involved in the development of the society. Hence gospel musicians have more patronage than other types of popular music. Popular music which the populace from diverse affiliations and background identifies with, helps create new identities and forge broad cultural solidarity which contributes in no small measure to sustainable development of the country.

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eISSN: 1595-1413