Religious Language: Problems and Meaning

  • E Ugwueye
  • N Ezenwa-Ohaeto


This paper examines religious language by x-raying both its meaning and the associated problems. The paper also looked at the relationship between language and religion. It argues that, inasmuch as there are identified problems with religious language, it has helped in understanding religious experiences which make belief or faith to be a reality. Therefore, the expression of Religious Language which essentially contains predicate about God and His nature, also have or show some meanings at least to the group of people who use such language. This paper concludes that Religious language communicates and expresses ideas, emotions and convictions to faith audience. It is the medium for the transmission of religious ideas between faith members. The end purpose of this expression and communication of religious ideas and emotions is to elicit acts that are similar to what is expressed and communicated in order to enjoy both religious communal body and life hereafter.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-1413