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The Jurisprudence of the Tribunal of Roman Rota as Precedents to the Local Church Tribunals

ABC Chiegboka
KL Nwadialor


The Apostolic tribunals especially the tribune of the Roman Rota is charged with the unity of jurisprudence and the responsibility to oversee the proper administration of justice since the doctrine of judicial precedents do not exist within the canonical jurisprudence of the local Churches. As such the local Churches must look to the jurisprudence and praxis of the Roman Curia in supplying for an express prescription of law. In line with the above therefore, this paper has discussed the basic issues of the Roman Rota as it is endowed with the status of judicial precedents considered necessary to serve as a guide and orientation for the interpretation of law in the local Church tribunals.

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eISSN: 1595-1413