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Comparative studies on chemical, hot and cold water treatments of banana suckers to control the banana weevil, <i>Cosmopolites sordidus</i> and the effect of paring suckers on banana nematodes in Uganda

W Tinzaara
I Kashaija
W Tushemereirwe
C Nankinga


Chemical, bot and cold-water treatments were evaluated for effectiveness in cleaning banana suckers of weevils. Preliminarily, the effectiveness of paring suckers on removal of weevils and nematodes from  banana suckers was validated. Results indicated a 36.6%, 67.9% and 96.3% reduction of larvae in  corms treated with cold water, hot water and Chlorpyrifos (Dursban) respectively. Use of Dursban at a rate of 1.5 cc in a litre of water and soaking for one hour was recommended as the best of the three meth ods for cleaning banana suckers. A test carried out to establish the declining rate of efficiency over successive use of the same solution indicated that the solution does not loose potency, hence can be re-used until the volume cannot  subm·erge suckers any more. With regard to paring alone, there was a 95% reduction of weevil eggs in pared suckers. The number of larvae recorded from unpared suckers was significantly higher than that recovered from pared suckers. No nematodes were recovered from pared suckers while both R. similis and H.  multicinctus nematodes were recovered in high numbers from unpared suckers.

Key words: Banana weevil, chemical treatment, Cosmopolites sordidus, clean planting material, Paring

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eISSN: 2410-6909
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