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Evaluation of Partial Replacement of Fish Meal with Lablab Purpureus Seed Meal on the Performance of Broilers

Mr. Isabirye
Dr. Higenyi
Prof Elizabeth
Dr. Esau


This study investigated the use of Lablab purpureus seed meal as protein ingredient replacing fish meal. One hundred eighty (180) broiler chicks were used in a complete randomized block design. Three treatments were used; A (fish meal, as control), B (30% fish replacement by roasted lablab with enzyme supplement) and C (45% fish replacement by roasted lablab with enzyme supplement). The parameters studied were; feed consumption, weight gain and feed conversion ratio (FCR). Results revealed significant (P<0.05) differences in feed intake, weight gain and feed conversion ratio among the treatments. Throughout the study, chicks registered high feed intake on diet C and A while that in group B reported the least. Average weight gains were high for group C and A while group B registered the lowest. Feed conversion ration; lowest for group C and highest in group B. Therefore, a better performance of broilers is enhanced consumption by high intake of feed, high weight gains and low FCR, 45% dietary fish meal can be replaced by Lablab purpureus seed meal with enzyme supplement in a compounded broiler finisher.

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eISSN: 2410-6909
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