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Relevance of Green Marketing on Environmental Degradation: An Empirical Study of Consumers’ of Green Products in Benin- City, Nigeria

RA Gbadeyan, OJ Omolekan


Business organisations need to contribute significantly to healthily environment through the adoption of green marketing. The activities of some of this business may result to environmental pollution which makes the environment becomes inimical to human habitation. Green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally preferable to others through product, process, packaging and advertising modification(s). Most times, products’ remnants and packages pose serious danger to our environment. This paper examines the effect of green marketing on environmental degradation. Nonexperimental descriptive research method was used and the data gathered were analysed. It was observed that the concept of green marketing is not popular among selected consumer in Benin metropolis of Nigeria and thus appropriate strategies for effective application of green marketing are lacking. Besides, adaptability, compatibility and relative advantage by consumers of green products remains the hiccups to the successful application of green marketing in Nigeria. Applicable recommendations were made for business enterprises to produce ecological products which not only must not pollute the environment but should protect it and even liquidate existing environmental damages. Also, ecological packaging (i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle package) should be incorporated into the eco-design product process to minimize eco-harm.

Keywords: Green Marketing, Business Enterprises, Environmental Degradation, Eco-marketing, Eco-harm

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