Peer Review

  • Requests for publication of papers in the UoM Research Journal prepared according to the “Guidelines to authors” are submitted online at
  • Upon receipt of paper(s), the review process is initiated by AO (Ranjani) i.e. 5 potential reviewers are identified.
  • The abstract is sent simultaneously to all 5 potential reviewers giving them a deadline of
    7 days to confirm whether they are agreeable to review the full paper. If no positive reply is received from the 5 potential reviewers, other potential reviewers shall be identified.
  • Upon acceptance, the full paper is forwarded by email to the reviewer(s) together with “Guidelines to authors” and “Review form” requesting the latter to submit the review report within fourteen days.
  • After two weeks, if the reviewer(s) has/ve not submitted the review report, a reminder is sent requesting to keep AO informed at the earliest by when s/he will submit same. If no reply is received, a 2nd reminder is sent giving a deadline of 2 weeks for submission. If the reviewer concerned does not reply after a maximum of 4 reminders, another potential reviewer shall be identified.
  • The first review report submitted by a reviewer is taken into consideration.
  • The review report is sent to the author(s) so that s/he can address same and submit a revised paper within two weeks – one month depending on the degree of revision required.

If the paper is not accepted for publication, the author(s) will be informed accordingly.

  • After two weeks – one month, if the author has not submitted the revised paper, a reminder is sent requesting to inform AO by when s/he will submit same. If no reply is received, a second reminder is sent giving a deadline of two weeks. A maximum of 4 reminders shall be sent to the author(s).
  • Following receipt of the revised paper from author(s), same is forwarded to the reviewer requesting the latter to confirm that all the comments have been properly addressed and whether it may be published.
  • Further to confirmation from the reviewer that the paper is acceptable for publication, all documents pertaining to the review process are forwarded to the Chief Editor for vetting purposes. Upon approval, the author(s) is informed about the paper acceptance through a letter/memo signed by the Chief Editor.
  • The abstract/accepted paper (in pdf version) is posted on the UoM Research Journal website under Section ‘Current Issue’.


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This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

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