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Implementing relationship marketing in the service sector – An empirical study of Mauritius

TJ Juwaheer


This paper provides a comprehensive review on the concept of relationship marketing in the service sector of Mauritius, its foundation as well as its development. The various implications of using market segmentation and customer loyalty in these service companies as relational strategies are also discussed. The research also focuses on the various techniques of relationship marketing practiced in Mauritian companies. It also includes issues on the importance of adopting the  paradigm shift from transactional marketing to relational marketing in the modern enterprises. The methodology used in the study consisted of a survey among 123 categories of service companies in Mauritius and the findings of the survey conducted among the service companies are analyzed.Furthermore the paper provides a discussion on the nature and scope of Relationship Marketing in Mauritius and proposes some recommendations to assist firms in Mauritius in the implementation of this new marketing concept. Finally the concluding note of this study suggests suitable techniques, which can be used to make the concept of Relationship  Marketing successful among the service sector in Mauritius.

KEYWORDS: Relationship marketing, service culture, complaint handling, and customer care, training to staff, customer database, management commitment

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