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Optimisation of power generation in the Local Cane Sugar Factories

S Ramjatun, J Gukhool, D Seebaluck


This article looks at the contribution of electricity using the Biomass Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (BIG-CC) technology with bagasse, cane tops and leaves (CTL) in the Mauritian Sugar Industry. The contribution of the energy of bagasse for 1996 represented 10.34% of the islands electricity requirements (CEB Annual Report, 1996). The main contribution came from Flacq Union Estate Limited (FUEL) generating 78.43GWh or 66% of the total energy from bagasse. This was possible only after FUEL improved its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system by investing in high pressure boilers and generating on a firm basis throughout the year. However, it is shown that by using bagasse and cane tops and leaves and investing in high pressure boilers and condensing-extraction turbo-generator sets, it is possible to increase the share of bagasse derived electricity to approximately 50%. The use of the most promising technology derived from the BIG-CC can make a significant contribution to the countrys energy requirements, in fact the country can be self-sufficient in its electricity requirements for the year 2000!

Keywords: Bagasse energy potential, cane tops and leaves, inter-crop season, off-crop season,sugar factories, BIG-CC technology, electricity production.

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