Wi-Learn: An Innovative Learning Paradigm for the University of Mauritius

  • Muneshar Kirtee
  • Munsoor Jashvir
  • Khedo Kavi Kumar
  • Appavoo Paramasiven
Keywords: M-learning, pervasive, education, WiFi, Bluetooth


A new teaching and learning paradigm is emerging from the convergence of mobile and wireless communication   and handheld computers. As mobile technologies are becoming more pervasive especially with support for a rich social interaction, mobile-learning (m-learning) emerged at the point where e-learning melts into mobile  computing. The innovative aspect of mlearning is that learners and teachers will be untethered with a particular location. In this paper, we present a novel system, Wi-Learn, which will transform the existing methods of learning  sing wireless and mobile technologies at the University of Mauritius (UoM). Mobile learning through    wireless enabled devices within the university campus can greatly enhance learning at UoM. It is not a   replacement for the core learning process, but we are certainly keen to use mobile learning to enhance and     supplement it. The proposed system, Wi-Learn, enfolds a set of mobile collaborative applications, such as wireless  ile transfer, multiuser whiteboard sharing, audio and video conferencing, voting poll, SMS breaking news  and revision quiz, using different wireless communication technologies.

Keywords: M-learning, pervasive, education, WiFi, Bluetooth


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eISSN: 1694-0342