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Donor Tracker: An Innovative Real-Time Tracking System for Blood Donors in Mauritius

N Khodabacchas, A Meetoo-Appavoo


In Mauritius, caravans are sent around the island to collect blood from volunteers. This ensures that storage of pints of blood does not get depleted. However, in cases of urgent requirement of fresh blood, for instance an open heart surgery, it is very hard to quickly find a blood donor. The problem is even worse if the blood group is rare. In this paper, we explore the possibility of using location-aware computing to track blood donors in Mauritius and locate the nearest donor in cases of emergencies and whenever fresh blood is required. A number of blood donor management systems exist but none of them tracks the real-time location of blood donors. DonorTracker, the proposed innovative system, provides an easy and fast way to find a blood donor, thus saving time and saving lives.

Keywords: Context-awareness, location-awareness, mobile and ubiquitous computing, location sensing technique, real-time.

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