Clinical Findings in Rheumatic Disorders in Mauritius

  • M. Chan Sun
  • M Kissoon
  • J Sonoo
  • N Kotea
  • AH Subratty
Keywords: HLA-B27, sex, rheumatic disorders, Mauritius


A retrospective hospital-based study (1996 - 2002) was conducted in Mauritius to evaluate clinical findings  among seventy-six patients referred for detection of HLA-B27. We analysed clinical data with respect to  HLA-B27 status and sex. Inflammatory back pain (60.5 %) and peripheral arthritis (56.6%) were the most frequent disease manifestations. Heel pain was the commonest peripheral enthesopathy noted among the  study population. HLA-B27 positive patients had significantly more hip (p = 0.005), knee (p = 0.033) and heel  involvement (p = 0.039). Females had significantly more inflammatory back pain (p = 0.037). In conclusion, clinical findings in Mauritian patients suffering from HLA-B27 associated rheumatic disorders vary according to  HLA-B27 status and sex.

Key words: HLA-B27, sex, rheumatic disorders, Mauritius.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1694-0342