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Combined Coding And Modulation Employing Multi Phase Shift Keying Modulation, Huffman Codes And Array Codes

KMS Soyjaudah, MA Hosany


In this paper a technique for combining Huffman code, array code and phase modulation is proposed with a  view to reduce redundancy, provide error control and simultaneously optimise on channel bandwidth. The  combined scheme provides a reduction in overall complexity of the communication system as compared to a separate system. The Block Coded Modulation (BCM) scheme is suitable for both data transmission and  information storage. The trellis design algorithm of the scheme is proposed and error performances for the  same employing MPSK modulation are compared with those using Huffman followed by array codes and modulation.

Keywords: MPSK modulation, Huffman code, Array codes
Running Title: Combined Huffman, Array Codes and MPSK Modulation

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