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The potential impact on Cape Griffon Gyps coprotheres populations due to the trade in traditional medicine in Maseru, Lesotho

Nadine Beilis, Johan Esterhuizen


The use of vulture parts by traditional healers in the public market in Maseru was investigated. Only Cape Griffon Gyps coprotheres parts were noticed in the market, and all parts of the birds seemed to be used. Observed results were extrapolated to indicate the extent of trade and potential impact of this on Cape Griffon populations in Lesotho. Although interviews with traditional healers indicated that each healer uses one vulture per year, determining actual numbers of Cape Griffons used per year was not possible. Using an estimate based on results obtained, a mathematical extrapolation was done, and indicated an alarming threat to Cape Griffon populations in Lesotho.

Vulture News Vol. 53 2005: 15-19
AJOL African Journals Online