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The status and environmental impacts of bioturbation on the Coastal Zone of Qua Iboe River Estuary, Nigeria

J.U. Akpabio
A.O. Okon
E.P. Udoinyang
N.D. Ekpo
A.W. Akpan


This research assessed the status of the coastal zone of Qua Iboe River Estuary, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria; and evaluated the environmental impacts of  bioturbation on the resource use and abundance. Quantitative and semi qualitative data collection tools were used. A computer database and statistical  programme were used to analyze the date in order to identify the areas of resource use and conflict. Tarballs, beach oil, drift oil, plastics bags, empty cans  and scrap metals were all of frequent occurrences (10% - 37%); with plastic bags recording the highest frequency of occurrence (29% - 37%). Human impacts such as overfishing, oil prospecting and production, gas flaring, traffic in motorized river crafts, sewage input, effluents from highway  construction as well as waste disposals were identified. The main abundance and magnitude of the resource use and impact range between 0[for  mammals] and 22[for fin fish]. Significant [p<0.01] correlations were obtained between biological resources and impacts considering data from the inter- tidal and sub-littoral zones. The implications of the above on coastal zone management are imminent.  

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eISSN: 2141-3290