To present to the specialized reader important (new) developments in the area of natural and applied sciences. The journal is a vehicle for rapid communications including short contributions. It contains letters, short review articles and research findings in the field of Applied Science and Technology. It emphasizes scientific principles.


Should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief in triplicate, type written on one side of A4-sized paper with wide margins and double spacing and in electronic form. The preferred electronic storage medium is a Flash drive or CD, properly labeled, giving exact details on the name(s) of the file(s), the operating system and software used. For the sake of safety, always retain a backup copy of your file(s). Articles should be submitted in word processing packages such as MS Word and WordPerfect, running under operating systems MS DOS, and Windows. Fonts related problems could be avoided by using standard fonts such as Times New Roman and Baskerville Old Face.

Should not exceed fifteen pages including the abstract of not more than 300 words, references, tables, figures, and captions.

Five key words should be provided below the abstract along with email address of corresponding author(s). 

Should be legible with compact notations used, and each symbol properly aligned to distinguish superscripts and subscripts, numerical fractions preferably put on one line e.g. (1/4) b.


The paper should include: Title of paper, Authors(s) and their addresses, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Tables and Figures, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (if any), References.

3.1 Figures
a) All graphs and diagrams should be referred to as Figures (abbreviated Fig.) in the text. In addition to the hard copy printouts of figures, authors are encouraged to supply electronic versions of figures. Figures should be saved in separate files.
b) Explanatory captions should be provided for each figure/table.
c) Manuscripts must be accompanied by original figures of manuscripts-sized copies if originals are large.

3.2 References
Should list the author’s name and year of publication. At the end of text, all references cited should be listed alphabetically by authors.

3.2.1 Journal References:
Should comprise author(s) surname(s), initial(s), year of publication (in parenthesis) full title of paper, full name of journal, volume, number (if any in parenthesis), and first and last pages e.g. Seko, E.J. and Edmond, U.A., (1998). Top Soil Environmental Radioactivity, World Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 13: 30-37.

3.2.2 Book References:
Should comprise author(s) surname(s), initial(s), year of publication (in parenthesis) full title of book, Publisher, Place of publication, page numbers e.g. George, A.A. and Hamson, C. E., (1983). Quantum Field Theory, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 45-70.

3.2.3 Edited Volume References:
Should comprise author(s) surname(s), initial(s), year of publication (in parenthesis), title of paper in full, title of book in full, Editor(s) name(s), Publisher, page numbers e.g. James, A. and Evans, K. (1993). Symmetry in Weak Interactions, In: Progress in Nuclear Physics, H. Aaron, F. Ita, A. Kisha and L. Fula (eds.), Kluwer Acad. Publication, Dordrect 341-369.

3.2.4 References to Conference Report:
Should comprise author(s), initial(s), year of publication (in parenthesis), full title of article and conference, place/location of conference, page number e.g. Kowashi, V. N. (1996). First Order Perturbations, Proceedings of International Conference On High Energy Physics, Geneva, pp. 351-550.

3.2.5 References to Laboratory Report:
Should comprise surname(s), initial(s), year of publication (in parenthesis), laboratory name, report number, page number, e.g. John, C. (1978). Desy Laboratory Report D175, 1-10.

    The author will receive two sets of page proofs along with an annotated copy of the manuscript and would be requested to return to the publisher without delay of one corrected proof with the two sets of page proofs and a listed response to the reviewer’s comments.

    Submission of a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that the paper is not actively under consideration for publication in other journals. Once a paper is accepted for publication, authors cede copyright to Publishers of WOJAST.
    For submission of Manuscripts, subscript orders and inquiries refer to

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