Simulation of a Nonlinear GaAs MESFET Model for use in the Design of Nonlinear Microwave Circuits

  • MA Tuko


A computer program has been developed that performs a large-signal simulation of a GaAs Metal-Semiconductor-Field-Effect-Transistor (MESFET) using the Curtice-Ettenberg model [1]. The model is then used to design non-linear microwave circuits such as frequency multipliers and power amplifiers. The simulation employs a two-stage numerical approximation. The so called "multiple reflection" method, which is a special kind of "harmonic balance" technique, is used between the FET and the linear embedding network. The intrinsic FET with its no11li11earities nonlinearities is analyzed with Newton's method in the time domain. Comparison of simulation and experimental results of the designed circuit show good agreement.

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print ISSN: 0514-6216