Selection of a plant location - A case study: Urea production using Calub Gas

  • B Woldeyes


The aim of ~hoosing an appropriate plant location is to select the place which will enable a factory to process the material and deliver the product lo its customers al a minimum cost. To meet this goal there are a number of criteria to be analyzed before taking any decision. The criteria are. amongst others, supply of raw materials and fuel, market proximity, water supply. waste removal etc. It is not easy to find a location that can satisfy all requirements simultaneously. hence it is necessary to recognize which are the most important parameters and choose the location accordingly. The main purpose of this article is to illustrate in some detail how to tackle such a complex issue using the Ethiopian scenario. For this reason, a case study of location selection for  a urea plant using Calub Gas is demonstrated. The selection of the appropriate location focuses on three  problems:

1. To set up · critical factors for Ethiopian scenario
2 To select several specific areas which would be economically desirable
3. To make detailed cost analyses of these locations for selected c;ritical factors and determine the most  advantageous one.


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print ISSN: 0514-6216