Neutral axis depth profile of reinforced concrete beams

  • Abrham Gebre
Keywords: neutral axis depth, RC beam, effective moment of inertia, deflection


Many studies have been conducted for the estimation of effective moment of inertia expressions for Reinforced concrete (RC) beams. To compute deflection of reinforced concrete beams, study results show that the expressions for effective moment of inertia, in each case, are different and related to loading positions. As a result deflection of reinforced concrete beams using the empirical equations vary from the experimental values. In this study, variation in neutral axis depth profile of a simply supported reinforced concrete beam is studied and verified using experimental
investigation. The experimental result reveal that neutral axis (NA) depth profile of a reinforced concrete beam varies longitudinally, moves with the load and in good agreement with the analytical curve. Moreover, a neutral axis depth profile and moment of inertia expression with parabolic functions for simply supported beam are proposed. These equations are to be used for the computation of deflection of reinforced
concrete beams.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0514-6216