A Study of Mental Health Requirements among Adolescent School Pupils in Chiredzi District, Masvingo Province

  • C. Dziro University of Zimbabwe


Promotion of mental health for adolescents has become an emerging global concern since in its absence brings in a myriad of challenges for adolescents in the form of antisocial behaviour, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, sexually transmitted infections and HIV among other problems. The study examined the need for mental health needs among adolescents in Chiredzi. The study triangulated quantitative and qualitative. The survey, through the use of a questionnaire, was used to gather information from adolescents. Qualitative data was collected through the use of focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and key informant interviews. It was noted that there was limited emphasis on mental health issues within and among families because of limited resources for adolescents. It was noted that adolescents find themselves engaged in drug and alcohol abuse and became sexually active at tender ages. This was also because of poverty, anxiety, the absence of support from extended family network, cultural initiation ceremonies, siblings and peer pressure. The study recommended policy on schools to support primary carers, that is, parents and communities in the promotion of good mental health for the benefits of adolescents and the nation as a whole. From the study, recommendations for the recruitment of Social Workers to work as School Social Workers to assist in the Guidance and Counselling of adolescents were also made.

Author Biography

C. Dziro, University of Zimbabwe

Lecturer, School of Social Work


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eISSN: 1013-3445