Tracing Uganda’s global primary organic pineapple value chain

  • N Kwikiriza
  • J Mugisha
  • P Rye Kledal
  • K Karantininis
  • C Namuwooza
Keywords: Certification, organic consumer value stream


The organic sector is one of the fastest growing sectors globally. The sector provides an opportunity for developing countries to export high value products in the global market. One such opportunity for Uganda is the export of organic pineapples. The organic pineapple enterprise is relatively new, having existed for approximately 10 years. This paper traces the organic pineapple value chain, characterises and explains the functions of the actors in the chain. The study used the Global Value Chain Analysis Framework, using data obtained from 140 organic farmers, 10 exporters and 3 support institutions in Uganda. It is clear from the study that the chain is private- sector-driven, has relatively young smallholder farmers, and comprises of 10 small scale export companies. Only 45% of the organic pineapples produced by farmers reach the organic consumers. Reasons for this included limited processing capacity of exporters, competition from conventional buyers and the few local organic consumers. Other reasons were declining soil fertility, limited regulative institutional support and poor infrastructure. We recommend increased use of soil amendments, favourable legislations and investment environment, increased horizontal coordination among exporters and increasing the range of the organic export products in order to increase organic pineapple sales.

Keywords: Certification, organic consumer value stream


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2072-6589
print ISSN: 1021-9730