African Research Review - Vol 2, No 4 (2008)

Special Edition - Engineering

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Table of Contents


Design of Breadfruit Shelling Machine
SC Nwigbo, CH Achebe, EC Chinwuko, DA Tagbo
Practical Recommendations for the Preliminary Design Analysis of Multi-Story Moment-Resisting Frames
C Arum
Application of Monte Carlo Method to Steady State Heat Conduction Problems
AO Oluwajobi, AB Jeje
Comparative Study of Biogas Yield Pattern in Some Animal and Household Wastes
JO Babatola
Effect of Building Characteristics on Vibration-Induced Acceleration of Non-Structural Components
S Adugna
Time Planning for Construction Projects: Conceptual Developments
W Jekale, T Tsega
Quality Control and the Safety of Structural Concrete Buildings
C Arum
Thermal Design and Simulation of a Heat Exchanger for a Nigerian Refinery
AO Oluwajobi, AE Akpan
Estimation of Properties of Unfired Ceramic Products with Sawdust Additives
IO Ohijeagbon
Application of Fiber Reinforcement Concrete Technique in Civil Constructions
D Jothi
Engineering Properties of Bolts and Nuts in Lagos State, Nigeria
LM Olanitori
Application of Geo-Synthetic Technology for Erosion Control of Tana Lake Catchment Areas and Blue Nile Banks
D Jothi

ISSN: 2070-0083
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