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Microbial Quality of Fresh Beef from Different Slaughter Facilities in Oyo State, Nigeria

I. Awojimi
O. Adesida
O.A. Adediran
O.R. Awodoyin
A.B. Omojola


This study was done to assess the microbial quality of fresh beef samples, water and contact surfaces from selected slaughter facilities in Oyo state,  Nigeria. In a completely randomized design, a total of 127 samples were collected from three different slaughter facilities. They were analyzed for  microbial load using standard procedures. Parameters measured were Total Viable Count (TVC), Total Coliform Count (TCC), Total Fungal Count (TFC), Total  Escherichia coli Count (TEC), Total Staphylococcus Count (TSC) and Total Salmonella Count (TSLC). The results showed no significant differences  (P<0.05) between the mean TVC and TFC of the fresh meat samples collected from the slaughter facilities. However, significant differences existed (P<0.05)  between the means of the TCC (log CFU/g) of the beef. The values were 2.30, 1.82 and 10 1.91 for Akinyele central abattoir, Kara Sawmill  slaughter slab and Atenda slaughter slab respectively. The TVC, TFC, TCC values recorded for this study were below the standard threshold levels. The  presence of Staphylococcus spp, Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp on contact surfaces indicates that the hygienic practices of butchers and general  sanitary conditions of the slaughter house facilities are poor, therefore stricter hygiene practices are recommended in Nigerian slaughter houses and  abattoirs to safeguard public health.

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