Evaluating the impact and potential of the chemical sciences in catalysing the economic development through potential chemical entrepreneurship in Lesotho

  • Mosotho J. George
  • Thembi Setubatuba


Science is central for research and innovation that are key drivers for economic development. However, with the never improving capital investment towards higher education in most African countries, the level of infrastructure in the universities hinders  adequate training of human resources and the economic development emanating from science and technology innovation. This paper shares the history, impact and the prospects of the chemical sciences program at the National University of Lesotho in transforming the local economy through translation of science with emphasis on potential commercialization and entrepreneurship in partnership with local entities: cooperatives, community-based organization or private smallmedium enterprises other than the few present and somewhat unwilling companies. Finally we recommend the coordination of the innovation and incubation initiatives in public sector to partner with the universities as centres of knowledge creation.

print ISSN: 2227-5835