Innovative mnemonics in chemical education: review article

  • Arijit Das


In this review article, formulae based innovative mnemonics have been discussed to create interest and remove phobia of students in the field of chemical education. Educators can use these numerous mnemonics in their teaching style in the classroom lectures after discussing conventional methods to make chemistry intriguing. Here, I have tried to focus some time economic mnemonics by including thirty-three (33) new formulae in the field of chemical education. It will encourage students to solve multiple choice type questions (MCQs) at different competitive examinations in a time economic ground. This review article emphasizes chemical education in the light of a variety of mnemonic techniques to make it metabolic, time economic and intriguing for students because the use of mnemonics in classroom lectures is an essential tool to become a distinguished educator.

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print ISSN: 2227-5835