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Extraction of dye from bark of Syzygium guineense for titanium dioxide based dye sensitized solar cell as photo sensitizer

Girma Worku, Demisachew Shitaw


This work was aimed to extract, prepare and use dyes from bark of Syzygium guineense as photosensitizer for dye sensitized solar cell. The extraction processes were takes place in presence of acetone, ethanol and water as solvent. The photoelectron-chemical performance of the DSSCs based on the acetone extract showed Voc of 0.36 V, FF of 0.546, Jsc of 1.57 mA cm-2 and a power conversion efficiency of 0.319% under the sunlight illumination of 100 mW cm-2 and active area of 1 cm2. The J-V curves were plotted according to collected data of DSSCs by using Extech Multimeter, and electrical circuit with resisters made from wood board. The acetone extract of day from bark of Syzygium guineense offered the highest conversion efficiency than ethanol and water extracts. Generally, the dye extracted from bark of Syzygium guineense as natural photosensitizer could be a possible alternative for the production of low cost and environment friendly DSSCs.

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