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Post-harvest Loss and Adoption of Improved Post-harvest Storage Technologies by Smallholder Maize Farmers in Tanzania

Elizabeth R Ngowi, Onesmo Selejio


The study examines factors that influence the adoption of improved post-harvest storage technologies (IPHSTs) by smallholder maize farmers in Tanzania. The study employed a sample of 1620 observations from the National Panel Survey (NPS). Descriptive statistics indicated that 9 percent of the farmers experienced PHL and an average of 115 kilograms of maize per household is lost in various stages of post-harvest chain. Only 19 percent of farmers adopted IPHSTs. Logit regression results indicated that gender, age, harvest working days, use of hired labour and use of storage protectorant (pesticides and insecticides) had positive and significant influence on PHL. Further, quantity of maize harvested and age of households’ heads had positive and significant influence on adoption of IPHSTs. Therefore, the Government and development agencies should emphasize and promote the adoption of IPHSTs by smallholder farmers in order to mitigate PHL. Provision and support of extension education to farmers through trainings and seminars and extension visits on proper crop post-harvest management, storage technologies and skills is pertinent.


Keywords: post-harvest loss, adoption, improved post-harvest storage technologies, panel data, smallholder farmers


JEL Classification: Q12, Q13, Q17, Q18, C23

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