Effectiveness of Practical Work in Physics on Academic Performance among Learners at the selected secondary school in Rwanda

  • Jean Nepomuscene Twahirwa University of Rwanda-College of Education (URCE)
  • Etienne Twizeyimana Institut Paroissial de Mukarange


The current study investigates the effectiveness of practical work in physics on academic performance among learners of a secondary school in Rwanda. The study employs a quasi-experimental research design specifically pretest-posttest control group design (control group and experimental group). Two groups of learners of senior one at Groupe Scholaire Rugoma were treated differently through an expository and practice-based approach respectively. Physics achievement test prepared to evaluate the effect of practical work indicated that learners in the experimental group outperformed those of the control group treated by the expository teaching method. Various factors that may advance or hinder the implementation of practical work were identified and views from science teachers were collected. Most of the respondents strongly agreed that those factors have a significant impact on the implementation of practical work which in turn influence learners’ overall academic performance during Physics Achievement Test (PAT). A significant difference was observed from the statistical analysis performed by using SPSS version 21.0. (Pretest and posttest among learners in the experimental group; t = 27.243; 32.743; MD = 8.4239; 13.12500 respectively whereas the pretest and posttest among learners are as follow, t = 28.442; 32.627; MD = 9.82500; 2.38005 respectively and for all performance evaluation hypotheses were tested at .05 level of significance. Based on the observed results, it was found that practical work was more effective in improving learners’ performance in Physics. It was therefore concluded that practical work continues to be a promising approach in teaching sciences, particularly teaching Physics in secondary schools.

Author Biographies

Jean Nepomuscene Twahirwa, University of Rwanda-College of Education (URCE)

African Center of Excellence for Innovative Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Science (ACEITLMS)

Etienne Twizeyimana , Institut Paroissial de Mukarange

P.O.Box 36, Rwamagana, Rwanda


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print ISSN: 2508-1128